may 05th, 2006

new release out on test tube

we are really happy that our new release “meteo ep” is finaly out on the portuguese netlabel test tube.
many thanks to Pablo.

live set

04.mar.06 with suren -autoeditori- reading at libreria caosmosi in padova (italy).

15.apr.06 festival venetian industries with ent, foia, one dimensional man, and 40 other bands in venice (italy).


Sticking Drops is the name of a sonorous product synthetized by two people, it was born in 2003 like a project including two opposite ways of thinking electronic music. Sounds completly created by machines, physical instruments' melodies and timbres de-construction are the characterizing elements of their music, togheather with re-elaborations of real sounds. The particular sound-structure of Sticking Drops' pieces takes live from the contrast of opinions and musical ideas of the musicians. The musical texture takes form from the balance between instinct and reason, classic and modern, cold and hot.


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